Baby Loans: Do Applicants Slip Due? Infant Phenomenon has tracked down Infant Phenomenon

The Good Finance around the baby loan has been going on for days. Many have received certificates in the early days that banks cannot accept. This can extend the application process by days, as there is a need to fill in the gap. Infant Phenomenon is looking into what can be done to get you a GF legal certificate as soon as possible.

Obtained by baby boomers at district offices

Obtained by baby boomers at district offices

Insufficient GF certification has been obtained by baby boomers at district offices, so it can take days for those who have gone to get the credit. A brief chronology of what has happened in recent weeks:

  • As of July 1, the $ 10 million baby loan could have been applied for, but virtually no one could. It was also at this time that the government windows and district offices could be required to obtain proof of the legal status of the legal relationship required for the loan application.
  • Thus, in the first days, it was not the bank branches, but these institutions, which created a long line for the document to be issued by the authority within a maximum of eight days.
  • In mid-July, however, it turned out that applicants in the first days received different certificates that did not meet bank expectations.
  • From July 17th, a standardized form is acceptable to all banks. Those who are applying now will receive the appropriate document.

This is a problem for those applicants who are about to arrive


It was known before July that there would be problems with the GF certificate, but this situation was resolved by an amendment to the decree, so that the loan becomes interest-free even if the child is born earlier in July than the couple filed.

However, due to the non-standardized form, those who are in urgent need of a deadline could again miss the deadline , as it is possible that the certificate will only arrive after July. At the same time, banks seem to have found a solution to the problem: they suspend their credit application and request a niche, meaning that the application date is unchanged and does not slip past the baby’s birth.

Infant Phenomenon also asked financial institutions about how many people might be involved in Good Finance and how to deal with incorrect GF certification. Several banks indicated a significant number of stakeholders. There are thousands of people who need to fill in the niche, but the bank does not refuse to apply for these customers, but you can continue with the borrowing already begun by submitting a new GF certificate. That is, from the customer’s point of view, the loan is suspended, no further application is needed, only the correct certificate issued. There are also financial institutions that have tried to assist clients in the administration of replacement, but for privacy reasons, only the claimant can request a new certificate.

This will affect your claim if we receive a bad certificate


So those who received their GF certification before July 17 may not be successful at the bank, as they only accept the standard version everywhere. If the claimant has received an official certificate from the government department or district office that is incorrect or of different wording, they will need to correct and replace the document, as banks will only accept an official certificate. Most importantly, the certificate must include the following text:

“In the Health Insurance Register, Decree 44/2019. (III.12.), Subject to the requirements of Article 4 (2). ”

Those who are now submitting an application will already see one of the following forms:

But how much time do we lose if we need to get a new certificate? In practice, this corresponds to a new request, so the authority has another 8 days to issue the document, plus additional days to mail it.