Company financing and the cost of servicing the loan

I dedicate this entry to young entrepreneurs who spend little time on their financial education.

I often talk to entrepreneurs, mainly young people, on financial topics related to company finances, basic economic knowledge, and raising funds. My observations make me realize how low this knowledge is. But not only this knowledge.

They also lack creative thinking skills

They also lack creative thinking skills

Sometimes you can talk about such creative thinking in a negative sense. The owner of a company run from 4 months for a loan comes. When I look at his financial documents – the book of revenues and expenses, it turns out that he has considerable income, but it is balanced by costs, although in my opinion this should not be the case.

Pointing this out to him, I hear that in order not to pay taxes, he charges all the money he earns in costs, because he says he will not pay taxes. Where’s the logic here? Personally, I prefer to pay tax and earn, leaving the surplus on my bank account. Meanwhile, by spending all the money we earn, we condemn the company to failure. After all, it was once written more or less like this: “give what the imperial to the emperor, what is divine to God.”

The entrepreneur believes


That he has an accountant on financial matters, let him think. But there is a lack of any logic in this thinking. The entrepreneur is responsible for the development of his company. The accountant will only book what will happen to her, will ensure tax and ZUS payment dates.

But she will not care about the financial condition of the company, everyone must take care of it alone. It is worth reading business books, thereby ensuring your own financial intelligence, spend some time everyday to analyze your business, check whether what we do is in line with the company’s vision. And think creatively. But in a positive sense.