Internet payday loans

Online payday loans can be available in two variants. The first one is a traditional loan with a monthly installment and the second is a payday loan, a loan repaid in a short time only.

Obtaining a loan over the internet nowadays seems to be a difficult task. All you need is to have your ID card, laptop or smartphone with internet access and have some free time. Of course, in order to reach for a loan without leaving home, we will also have to choose the appropriate loan company that we will choose to use.

However, before we start our search, we should consider some of the most important issues related to borrowing. First of all, we should specify the amount of loan we are looking for and at what time we intend to repay it. Here we will have to choose the two most popular options. The first is a traditional loan in installments, which is repaid almost identically as in the bank and therefore in equal monthly installments. The second option is a payday loan, which does not bind us with the loan company for a long time, and we can pay it back at once. This is a good option, which also allows us to take advantage of the promotional conditions that I will mention later in the article. However, it is known that not everyone has the opportunity to pay back the entire amount borrowed at once, in addition in such a short time.

Internet payday loans – for monthly installments

Monthly installments are a convenient way to repay a loan, the more so if we have the same facilities as today. I mean the possibility of repayment of each loan installment, online transfer, instead of queuing for a window at the post office or bank. Not to mention the fact that such a transfer has always been associated with an additional fee, charged by the institution from the services we have used. Meanwhile, most banks now allow you to make online transfers without any additional fees.

What amount of loan can we get as part of an online loan? A few years ago, the amounts of this type of payday loans were not very large. Currently, through loan companies, we can obtain payday loans up to PLN 25,000 via the Internet. This is a lot, of course, but we must be aware of one thing. payday loans granted by companies from the non-banking sector, with larger amounts, have higher interest rates than traditional payday loans available at the bank. It is not always so, reaching for a loan via the Internet will be profitable for us. It all depends on what amount of loan we are interested in and when we intend to return it. In calculating the loan costs, however, we will help loan calculators that are posted on the websites of loan companies. Thanks to them, each person can easily calculate the monthly loan installment or additional costs that we will have to pay. In choosing the right installment loan offer, you can also help my rankings of installment payday loans , which are published every month on the pages of the blog.

We choose a loan in installments without leaving home

We choose a loan in installments without leaving home

Deciding on the choice of a specific offer, it is obviously guided by the cost of the loan. We currently have a loan market, quite a large group of companies that offer unpaid loan installments. In addition, most of them allow you to get a loan over the internet in a very short time. Almost every company that grants this kind of loan makes a loan transfer on the same day. However, there are also those that can provide us with a loan to an account, even within tens of minutes from the time of applying for a loan. The use of express transfers, in which the money is delivered to the recipient within a dozen or so seconds, turns out to be very helpful in such situations.

What will we need to get an installment loan via the internet? Of course, it will be necessary to have a personal ID and be 18 years old. Some loan companies, need to be 21 years old to get an installment loan. However, there are such companies  which allow you to get a loan as early as 18 or 19 years old. In the case of installment payday loans, we may also need a certificate of earned income. Not necessarily, however, that we know from applying for a bank loan. Loan companies usually verify their income in two ways. Either asking you to send an electronic bank account statement as a PDF file, or by doing it automatically. As you probably already guessed, we will also need a bank account and a mobile phone to get a loan online.

This option, as I mentioned earlier, will definitely be a good proposition for people who would like to quickly repay their debts. A one-step pay-off makes it possible to pay it quickly, because the repayment period for such a loan is usually 30 days. There are, however, offers of payday payday loans, for which this repayment period may be slightly longer and reach even 45 or 60 days.

Why can it be beneficial to borrow a payday? Because in the case of such payday loans we can take advantage of the promotional conditions that are available only for new customers. Almost every company providing payday payday loans, offers its clients new payday for PLN 0. This means that we can take such a loan without incurring any additional charges, according to the principle – we give back as much as we borrowed . There is one condition here, however, which we should particularly take care of. The entire amount of the loan must be paid back in advance and without the slightest delay. Only then will we be sure that the loan company will not charge us any additional fees.

As a reminder, we can borrow from 100 to even PLN 5,000 as part of the first loan. Of course, the amount of the loan granted may depend on the assessment of our creditworthiness. If, for example, we obtain a payment in the amount of the lowest domestic one, do not expect the loan company to give us a payday of PLN 3000 for a period of 30 days.