Loans without payroll: unsecured loans for unemployed

Let’s find out if it is possible and how to apply for a loan without a paycheck addressing Cleopar, which is undoubtedly one of the best financial both in terms of convenience and reliability and speed of delivery. So let’s see what are the alternative guarantees that can be presented by the unemployed who need funding.

Cleopar loans for unemployed: how to get them without a paycheck?

Cleopar loans for unemployed: how to get them without a paycheck?

The main problem that must be faced when we are looking for financing is certainly the one related to the requisites required by the bank. These can be more or less restrictive, according to the rules defined by each company, but in general there are many points in common between the requirements of the various financial companies. In particular, a category of customers who usually encounter problems is that of the unemployed. Getting a loan without a paycheck is indeed complicated, however some banks still offer the possibility of receiving the amount you need, of course through the presentation of some alternative guarantees.

On the Cleopar website, we present all the features of the various options designed for our customers. For correct information, it is good to specify how the loans without payroll are not mentioned among the forms of financing offered by the company. Visiting the area of ​​the site dedicated to personal loans, and taking a look at the requirements necessary to make the request, you realize in fact how an income document is necessary. So why are we talking about Cleopar loans without a paycheck? The reason is to be sought in alternative guarantees that we are able to present to the company.

Always through the website we are in fact offered the opportunity to request an online quote, which we will talk about later. Once the request for an estimate has been made, we have the possibility to make an appointment at the branch to proceed with the request for the actual loan. By setting an appointment we will therefore have the opportunity to discuss our economic position with a consultant, to which we can then present those that are our alternative guarantees to paycheck.

One possibility that can allow us to obtain a Cleopar loan, even if we are unemployed, is to present the signature of a guarantor. The latter can guarantee for us, and we will take responsibility for paying the repayment installments in our place, in case unexpected problems arise. The guarantor must present a document certifying their income, and according to the latter the company will grant us the loan or not. An alternative is represented by the mortgage of a property owned. In this case we will undertake to pay the pre-established installment every month, and in the event that we do not succeed, the bank will have the possibility to sell our house at auction and obtain the sum not yet reimbursed.

Cleopar estimate for loans without paychecks or guarantees

As previously stated, through the Cleopar website we are offered the possibility to request a completely free estimate. This service is certainly very useful, as it allows us to get an idea of ​​the treatment that would be reserved in case we proceed with the request for the desired financing. To request a quote, the presentation of guarantees is not required, in fact anyone (even those who are not registered on the site and therefore not a Cleopar customer) will be able to calculate the loan installment.

If we are therefore interested in requesting a certain amount but we do not meet the requisite requirements, before making an appointment at the branch we can request a quote. To do this, simply enter the amount we need, which must be between 5,000 and 20,000 euros. Next, we will have to choose the duration of the loan, ie the number of monthly installments in which we intend to defer the payment. We will immediately know the amount of each installment and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates, which will also allow us to calculate the total cost of the loan.