Non-bank loans for a year – 12 months in equal installments

Non-bank loans are not only payday loans with a short repayment period but also extended for a long time, eg with repayment in 12 monthly installments

Most of the companies providing non-bank loans specialize in providing loans with a short repayment period, especially those for a month or 30 days. And where will we get a loan with a much longer repayment period? Today I will deal with loans that we can take out for up to 12 months.

Let me start with the fact that the cost that we will pay for this type of loan, unfortunately, will not belong to small ones. Non-bank loans pay off mainly with a short repayment period, in the case of longer repayment dates, the costs may be quite high. This depends on the amount of the loan.

We borrow – the higher the costs will increase.

we borrow - the higher the costs will increase.

In which companies we find non-bank loans for 12 months, with a repayment period in 12 equal monthly installments. This is what you will read about today – I invite you!

At the beginning, some may experience little surprise and say – after all, in the Provent we will not get a loan with monthly installments, only weekly ones! Yes, it has been so far because for some time the offer of loans has been available in the company’s offer with repayment in monthly installments, and so we have the option to pay 3, 6 or 12 months. The latter is the longest possible option to repay the loan in Providencie. Within such a repayment period, we will borrow no more than PLN 8,000. Loans under the Przelew transfer option are one of the cheapest loans available in the offer of domestic non-bank companies.

We will also get a loan for a year and also fully via the Internet , a company that has much in common with and under this name grants long-term loans. If someone cares about the truth of a quick loan (the one you can have on your account even within 15 or 20 minutes from the moment of submitting the application) then ‘s offer should definitely be of interest. It is also one of the few loans that can be obtained without having to send a verification transfer. The maximum loan amounts available are up to PLN 10,000. offers us slightly lower loans, but with the option of expressing them directly to our bank account. The company’s offer includes loans up to PLN 4,000 with a repayment period from 3 to 12 months. It should be admitted that verifies the data of borrowers in databases.

A company that borrows not large sums from 1000 to 2000 PLN, but at the same time charging not exorbitant fees as per non-bank terms. As you know, getting a loan in Asa is the easiest one, because the company carefully verifies the credit history of every person applying for a loan.