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Payday Loans for employees and pensioners

Loans for employees and pensioners

Employees and pensioners are two of the most convenient and advantageous types of loan applicants, also because the fifth sale solutions always have the best rates on the market.

To begin with, we invite you to read our guide to the assignment of the fifth salary or pension, then delving into details of details such as loans for new hires or bad paying and protested.

Bankate Loan, Opinions 2019: agrees?

Bankate is one of the safest banks in Europe, thanks to a widespread presence. Various solutions for personal loans and salary and pension fund transfers. Review 2019.

Credito Valtellinese Creval: 2019 Opinions on Loans and Current Account

Opinions Creval 2019: what are the financial options of this bank? What do you propose? Does it suit and is safe?

Bank Care Loans: 2019 Opinions

Focus on loans offered by Bank care for 2019. Let’s look at the main features, rates and expenses, to get a clear picture and choose the most suitable loan according to your needs.

Loans Without Envelope Pay Onecredit, 2019 opinions

Onecredit offers 6 different credit solutions for those who need money and do not have a paycheck. It ranges from small loans of 1,000 or 3,000 €, up to solutions that reach € 100,000.

Advance TFR with assignment of the fifth, how does it work?

Guide to the TFR advance with assignment of the fifth in progress. How does it work? What are the advantages? What better opportunities and alternatives can you choose?

Bad Payers and Protestants Loans

Bad Payers and Protestants Loans

Bad payers and protestors often have enormous difficulties in getting a personal loan. There are however alternative ways that can be traveled, let’s discover them together.

Areas analyzed:

  • Protested loans and bad payers
  • Loans changed

Loans aimed at non-finalized loans

One of the first big differences to be taken into consideration is that between finalized loans and non-finalized loans.

Basically, the finalized loans are required for the purchase of a good or a specific service (a car, a motorcycle, a trip, etc.) and the application must be presented at the store or the dealer where the purchase is made. (if you make online purchases there is also the possibility to request loans online).

The sum of money loaned is credited directly to the current account of the company making the sale and, at the same time, a loan application is opened against the applicant (ie the person who purchases the object or service) who will then have to repay installments at periodic intervals.

Non-finalized loans, on the other hand, can be obtained without having to give any reason why you need money. Once you have obtained the sum by crediting your current account or by check at your home (we speak of home loans) you can spend it as you see fit.

The reimbursement takes place, also in this case, by payment of periodic installments. In the case of assignment of the fifth salary or pension, the monthly installments are reimbursed by deduction of the installment from the net salary or the net pension.